Mark Hill Fitness Durban

Mark Hill

Being a personal trainer and nutrition consultant I have a slightly different outlook on fitness. Fitness to me is not about quick fixes, miracle pills, fitness challenges, bathroom selfies and beach body workouts.

I believe health and fitness must be a consistent, evolving, progressing part of your daily life, no matter your age, gender or physical limitations. The main focus of being physically fit should be to improve your health, fight aging, improve your physical and mental strength and improve your quality of life. If overall body performance and health is your main focus the aesthetics will follow naturally, guaranteed.

In a society where “quick fixes”, “fitness fads” and “miracle pills” come and go, these are the principals I have chosen to instruct and adopt in my own life.As for me personally, fitness is my life and passion. I’m doing what I love.

I personally specialize in functional training, nutrition and special needs training. My passion has given me a unique understanding of the body, all its boundaries and how to work to potentially overcome them.