Mark Hill Fitness Durban


Training is based on a personal “one on one” interaction with the client. The main focus is to continually asses, motivate and prescribe the correct training techniques to help the client achieve their own personal, physical and nutritional goals.

Personal Training is highly individualised and includes full body fat analysis, progress tracking, nutritional guidance and health education.

Location: Training can be performed at a gym or in the privacy of the clients own home or preferred premises

Duration: A private personal training session lasts 60 mins and can be shared with a partner or friend at the same fixed cost per session.


2 x week / 4 week package – R 2000 – ( sessions must be complete within 6 weeks )

3 x week / 4 week package – R 2800 – ( sessions must be complete within 6 weeks )


Group fitness is a fun, effective, motivating way of getting fit, strong and toned. It is structured in the form of a group class and incorporates a variety of high intensity cardio, body weight and functional weight training.

The combination of these various training techniques ensures that all the elements of fitness are addressed, giving the client the benefit of an all-round training programme that is super effective and fun.

Group classes are a minimum of 4 and maximum of 10 clients. This ensures enough individual attention is given to correct technique and that enough personal attention is given to everyone, so that clients of all levels of fitness can participate and improve.

Friends can make up their own group sessions with a minimum of 4 clients and choose their own location.

Duration: Group sessions are generally scheduled 3 x a week and are run in the mornings or evenings.

Each fitness session usually lasts between 45 and 50 minutes.

Location: These sessions can be performed in the gym or if weather permits, outdoors.

Friends can make up their own group sessions with a minimum of 4 clients and choose their own location.


3 x a week / monthly flat rate – R 850 (sessions expire on a monthly basis)


Sports specific training is recommended for all sportsman of any age or gender. The primary focus is on improving a client’s athletic performance and keeping them injury free. This usually includes a full assessment of the muscles and movement used in the specific sport then prescribing a customised strengthening, balancing, stretching and agility programme aimed at improving overall performance. Sports specific training is of utmost importance to keep a sportsman free of injuries and improving in his/her sport or activity.

Sport Specific Training can be performed on a “one on one” basis or made up of a group of maximum 5 clients. I personally specialise in: – Surfing, Cycling, Mountain biking, Swimming, Rugby, Trail running.

Strength and conditioning training is also available for sports teams but will have a more generic approach.

Duration:  Sports specific training sessions usually last 60 mins a session.

Location: Training can be performed in the gym or in the privacy of a venue of the client’s choice.


1 x session / per person – R 280 add R 50 per extra client joining the session.

Sports team conditioning – Contact for a quote



As most people have realised, proper nutrition is one of the most important factors in our lives. It is responsible for our wellbeing both mentally and physically.

Mark Hill fitness offers a Nutrition and Supplementation consultation that cuts through all the bullshit of fake diets / supplements and delivers a healthy, maintainable and affordable way of eating that will improve your health, looks and life.

The consult will involve an optional body fat analysis. I will advise you on what you should and shouldn’t be eating no matter what your goals are.

Duration:  Nutrition consults usually last 90 minutes and the client will leave with a basic eating / supplementation guideline so they can start and sustain their new lifestyle.

Location: At a venue of the clients choice.


1 x Consultation and eating plan 90 mins – R 600



This is aimed at any corporate or social group that would like to be educated on the FACTS about living a healthy lifestyle. There are so many different views of how we should be eating, training and living it can be overwhelming. This seminar will simplify and explain what a healthy lifestyle is made up of, how easy it is to implement and how it will positively affect your life as well as your performance in the corporate world.

Duration: 4 hours

Location:  At a venue discussed by client

Cost:  Please contact for a detailed quote